Church of the Holy Spirit (Episcopal)

220 E. Main Street/P.O.Box 174

Tuckerton, New Jersey 08087


The Reverend Martha McKee, Vicar


We remember the power of God unleashed

by intercessory prayer and we offer prayer

for one another and all those in need, especially the

following whom we commend to your prayers this week:    

Week of May 14th:  Craig B., Ernie T., Stephanie H. and Kristopher M.

Week of May 7th:  Ann D-S., Linda J., Jane Z., Tom P., Marlene J. and Jean R.

Week of April 30th:  Mary Louise M. and Bryan G.

Week of April 23rd:  The newly baptized Sebastian Jr. and Emilio and also their parents Kristie and Sebastian Nicolas Mateo, Family and friends of Russell K., John, Dorothy P., Marilyn H., Peyton M., Mildred W., Nicholas B., Elizabeth H. and Carol L.

Week of April 16th:  Bobby H., Sherri H., Dennis B., Mary B., Mic Mc. and Stephanie H.

Week of April 9th:  Ron W., Jane C., Marlene J., Jean R., Ernie T., The family and friends of John Arslen, brother of Jane Chapman, Russell K., John C. and Sherry E.

Week of March 5th:  Judy F., Joan L. and Stephanie H.

Week of February 26th:  Baby Ryan and Peter S.

Week of February 19th:  Family and friends of Lucille Duym, JoAnne, Stephanie B., Candance H., Jane Z., Hank M., Mildred W., Nicholas B., Elizabeth H. and Carol L.

Week of February 12th:   Roy R., Charlie A., Lisa K. and Payton M.

Week of February 5th:  The family of Ruth Dunn, Lorraine W., Mike B. and Wendy M.

We pray for those who are homebound or in long term care: 


Mary Jo W., Dorothy T., Nick A., Hilda R., Evelyn G., Donna T.


Would you like us to pray for you or others?

Call the parish office at 609-296-9618

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