Church of the Holy Spirit (Episcopal)

220 E. Main Street/P.O.Box 174

Tuckerton, New Jersey 08087


The Reverend Martha McKee, Vicar


Wings of the Dove Prayer Shawl Ministry began on March 3, 2009 when four women met in the Mary White Library of Church of the Holy Spirit (Episcopal) in Tuckerton, NJ.  Sally Sedon, Carol Lofton, Anna Tews and Mary Lou Malone planned an experiment as a Lenten discipline.  They wanted to increase their spiritual growth while providing a handcrafted reminder of God in the lives of others.  What resulted from that meeting showed the power of God's love.

Taking their cue from the example of other groups, the four women prayed for the intended recipients as they crocheted shawls and lapghans.  They focused their thoughts on the work of their hands and imagined the warmth that would surround the people once given those gifts.  The recipeints would know that God loved them and was always there for them, even during the darkest times of their lives.

The women's effort succeeded beyond their hopes.  Responses from the people who opened boxes to find shawls poured into the church and brought tears to the eyes of the makers.  Stories of dying patients wrapped in the shawls to find peace brought solace to those who mourned.  People suffering from chronic pain found comfort in the fabric wrought with yarn and prayers.

The Holy Spirit continued to move through us since that Lenten night.  More people joined the group and we continue to make shawls and pray for those in need.  If you wish to join us, we welcome you. 


        For pictures of our work, see our photo album on the PHOTO PAGE.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               







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